While Periscope is not a magic bullet as a means of accessing a mass audience, the live streaming app is still hugely exciting and it's worth experimenting with it with the right content. Less than a year old, it's steadily climbing the Gartner Hype cycle (tech adoption/growth graph) towards the peak of inflated expectations.

Experimentation is key to figuring out the pros and cons of this medium.  I've used it to showcase 'behind the scenes' at the agency where I work following a knowledge sharing breakfast on 'Drones and filming'  late last year.  While unrehearsed and slightly shaky due to being filmed via a handheld mobile, it nonetheless helped us showcase our personality, our people, our partners and some interesting technology in an authentic and conversational way - for free!  Questions flooded in from around the world, and while answering them while interviewing people was tricky, it was a fun and learning experience.  I'm encouraged to continue to experiment this year and while viewers may not be our typical agency client, they could be a potential new recruit or partner or maybe just somebody that has learned something - either way not a bad thing!