Have you ever pretended that you've read one of the classics when all you've done is watch a TV adaptation? Well, according to Stylist, you’re not alone. The BBC has recently commissioned a survey to unearth the most common literary porker – and, surprisingly, it’s not their recent epic drama, War and Peace.

Lewis Carroll’s children’s classic Alice In Wonderland was the one most people fibbed about reading, followed closely by 1984 and The Lord Of The Rings.

But, the reason for any fibbing seemed pretty innocent...... in most cases it was done simply 'to seem more intelligent, and therefore more attractive'.

If this is the case then it is excellent news that Penguin's new thrifty schools initiative is being rolled out. Hopefully it will encourage more children to read the classics, which provide life lessons and observations that remain as relevant today, as then.

Because whilst TV can reach audiences that most bookshops can't, when switching on the telly for the coveted 'corsets and cravats' Sunday evening slot at 9pm,  it's important to remember that Jane Austen didn't write Pride and Prejudice for Colin Firth.