With the explosion of Snapchat leading to the consumption of over three billion vertical videos a day, and the ongoing experimentation with vertical video creation via apps like Periscope and Vervid not to mention the 50% growth in vertical videos on YouTube in 2015, vertical video is here to stay. 

While many traditional video producers squirm at the thought of vertical video, it's consumers who lead the charge in all things digital transformation. We are increasingly consuming and shooting video via our mobiles and holding it vertically is more natural and comfortable. 

The unavoidable truth is that vertical videos actually achieve higher engagement levels on a mobile device, which let's face it, is where we're spending most of our time these days.

As a result, forward thinking companies are shooting video to be as compelling whether viewed horizontally or vertically to reach as broad an audience as possible. While vertical videos are still in their infancy, they are here to stay, and it will be interesting to track their creative evolution in 2016.